G is a psycho puppy, but I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

Published January 3, 2015 by DeadGrlSprStr

So, as you may remember, G is my Pit/Lab mix, she is just over a year old. G has a lot of personality, she has a tendency to bark at you if you aren’t paying her the amount of attention to which she feels entitled. She is surprisingly not a pain in the ass in the morning though, she’s perfectly content to sleep on her bed until P or I get up. Once we’re up though, all bets are off. Generally I’m lucky if she lets me go to the bathroom in peace.

A couple of weeks ago P took one of G’s toys an slapped it on the table in our living room that we eat off of most nights. I’m not even joking when I say that G went from sitting on the hardwood to leaping onto the table! She leaped straight up, landed on the table, plopped herself down, and looked so damn proud of herself!

They say pit-bulls smile, and they are right! G has such a happy smile when she is running around like a small horse on crack. She zooms from one end of our yard to the other, then back into the house, through the kitchen, around the table and couch, then up on the couch.

Right now she’s sleeping and she looks so peaceful. My favorite times are when I can lay down with her and just enjoy her sleepy puppy self.



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