New Year, Maybe It’s Time to Actually Use This Thing…

Published January 2, 2015 by DeadGrlSprStr

Hey. My name is A. I’m thirty years old, Married to P for what feels like forever but really has only been about 4 and a half years. P will be 31 this month. Together we are the owners and proud “parents” of one dog, G, one cat, O, and one lizard, B.

B we’ve had for just over a year, when we got her she was 5 inches long, and now she is approx 16 inches long and should be about done growing.

O we’ve had for 7 years, P actually has had him for his whole life of 8 and a half years, and I’ve been with him since P and I moved in together. O is a tuxedo kitty with green eyes, he was a trial for me when they first moved in, but I grew to love him, and now can’t imagine not having him.

G is the newest addition, we assume that she is a pit/lab mix, she is not as stocky as your average pit, her coat is a big longer than the usual pit coat, and her tail is very lab like. Her face though is almost all pit. She is a sweetheart, just over a year old(we’ve had her since I believe the end of April), and with the sweetest personality you could ask for.

I guess I should talk about me now. I am short, 5’4, and I weigh 295 lbs. In the last year and 3 months I’ve gained 43 lbs, I would like to lose that and more. It can be done, I’ve done it before. It’s just definitely going to be harder this time, because I’m not working retail anymore. Yup, back in August I got my first pretty much real adult job. So the last time I lost the weight I was working 50+ hours on my feet. Now I work 40 hours and I sit. So I’ll really have to hit the gym and work hard at it this time. I’m lucky to have a pretty amazing husband though. P loves me, has never ever made me feel bad about my weight, and has always been supportive regardless of which way the numbers on the scale are moving.

P is originally from Maryland. He has an accent, it’s not quite southern, but he is very much a big cuddly redneck. Our marriage is not, and probably never will be “perfect”, but it’s ours, and we’ve been through a lot of struggles that would have torn apart a weaker relationship, and we’re still together, and still more happy than miserable.

So Happy New Year to all! To end this rambling introduction, I’m going to list my New Year’s Resolutions:

1) Eat Better

2)Exercise More(honestly this one will be the easiest, I don’t think I could possibly exercise less).

3)Treat My Husband Better(The last year has been a rough one).

4)Be More Patient

5)Smile More

6)Appreciate All The Good In My Life

7)Go To Church More Often.

8)Be More Honest About My Needs And Wants.

9)Make More Time for Meaningful Togetherness.

10)Take A Class.

11)Have a More Physical Connection With My Husband(holding hands, hugging, that kind of thing).

12)Do More Different Things With P(like go someplace we’ve never gone and that kind of thing).

13) Take a Daily Walk With G

14) Be More Open To New Experiences.

15) Go Out More.

16) Have Adventures!!




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